While in prayer this picture Love painted, in memory
He brought back to him.
On top of a mountain covered with tall oaks, pines and hickory not trees
With a babbling brook down below, this is gone now, no more to be.
This as a young man, he was blessed to see when dawn's gray light pushed
Back the darkness of night.
In the distance the yellow hammer sings out his reveille.
Strikes up his dreams on a dead oak tree, to let the world know another day
Was to be.
The birds sing and chirped with glee, the deer bounded away from him and
The squirrels leaped from tree to tree.
In his twilight years, Love brought this memory to him, that
He too was there with him.
This he prays that Love may reach and bless someone through him.
When he stands in Heaven's portals, this also he prays one more time to see.
The yellow hammer on the dead oak tree and the wind whispering
Through the tall pine trees
This and his church, family and friends, were heaven here on earth to him.