You pervade her existence, invisible skeins
Webbed beneath her skin
Bind and monitor her heart's pulse
You still enhance her vision
Twin her thoughts, double her delight.
Do you ameliorate her sorrows
And soothe her soul.

Do you dwell in her dreams
As obsession, remembered love
Yearned-for-lust, or perhaps only an echo
From a half-forgotten use-to-be, pretend life.
Why still such power to cast a net so wide
That you entrap even her future peace
And engulf her emotions?

Futile to flee, your scent, sounds, textures,
Tantalize memory.
Languid fingertips lavish indelible softness
To tease liquid lips apart.
Will she never stop wanting you?
Who would she be without thee?
Ever hurting, always lonely,
Merely mortal her.