She walked with them, also too brief a span.
Her path the way of faith and hope and joy.
For those who knew her presence there began
A legacy of love that death can ne'er destroy.

She must have walked with love along the way
For here was a spirit bright that never failed.
Adversity conquered, day after weary day,
Her head held high; her courage unassailed.

Freely she served, accepting every task
With fortitude and quick embrace of duty.
A lighter yoke she never deigned to ask.
Devoted to Love, she walked with him in beauty.

May they find solace and the way in prayer
To life eternal, the legacy He gives.
He knows their grief is deep and hard to bear,
And yet they must rejoice. In heaven she lives!

She walks with them in memory every day.
A guardian angel watching from above.
Her spirit guides their feet along the way
And they are blessed with peace and hope and love.