In Love's kingdom the People Are color blind, if you are still hung
Up on color you are out of step with time

In Love's kingdom color is not the issue, it makes no difference
About the pigmentation of the skin or the body's tissue

In Love's kingdom color is no fact, it makes no difference
Whether your skin varies from white to black

In Love's kingdom color has not place, mankind should love one
Another, for Love has truth, love and peace for the human race

In Love's kingdom there is no discrimination, for everyone who
Is a member has a positive understanding and obligation

In Love's kingdom color is far from being best, everyone trying
To get in has to pass Love's Test

In Love's kingdom no color of a man can make & deal, the only thing
Love wants man to do is practice truth and be for real

In Love's kingdom people are color blind, if you are hung up on
Color you are so far far behind