In everything give thanks to Love. O, come to him and bring
The sacrifice of gratitude, which is a precious thing
He fills their lives with benefits, more then they'll ever know.
Should they not come to him with praise, for all, to him they owe?

In everything give thanks to Love. Look back to that great day
Which Love died upon the cross to put their sins away.
He died to bring them near to Love and break the bonds of sin
And give them an abundant life that comes through trusting him.

In everything give thanks to Love; Be calm within your soul.
Though darkness may conceal his care, their Love is in control.
The trials that surround their way, by faith they realize
Are instruments that Love can use as blessings in disguise.

In everything give thanks to Love. Look up ahead and see
The privilege Love gives his own for all eternity:
Adoring worship of their Love in realms of light above,
Where multitudes are gathered near in wonder, awe and love.

In everything give thanks to Love. How generous this command
To look and see the gifts that come from his own gen'rous hand.
It multiplies the good they know and overcomes their care
To see the hand of Love who gives, around them everywhere.