Imagine someone who is sweet as can be,
Imagine loving this someone until you can't quite see.
Dream of loving this someone all day and through the night,
You know that this someone is your "Mr. Right"
Loving and caring, he is always there,
Everything about him lets you know that he cares.
The smile on his face you will never forget,
He is like no one else you have ever met.
He is someone who guides her more each day,
He is someone who helps her along the hard way.
He keeps all her secrets, he know he won't tell,
He is someone she looks up to, he knows her very well.
When the sky is dark and threatens a storm,
He holds her and comforts her, he keeps her safe and warm.
When she is in a jam, he is there with lifting hands,
This wonderful person is her kind, gentle, sweet man.