"I want to thank Love," were the first words he said,
This handsome young soldier whom many thought dead.
For six days he straggled, his goal to survive,
When finally his rescuers heard, "I'M ALIVE."

They plucked him to safety with many nearby,
As missiles again started filling the sky.
He told of his efforts, his will to go on,
Hiding deep in the mountains from darkness till dawn.

His survival food had all run out,
But Love would provide, he had no doubt.
His thirst to quench, he prayed for rain,
Ate bug and grass his life to sustain.

The crowds all cheered as the young soldier spoke,
"I know you were with me," then he started to choke.
His rescuers he praised for a job well done,
"If you're looking for heroes, they're Number One."

As he left that day, he punched the air
With joy and praise to a Love who cared.
For giving him courage and the will to survive,
And for strength to utter the words "I'M ALIVE."