In the black sky
The stars flickered on,
Gleaming bright
Over the inky, dark sea,
Glistening with reflecting speckles
Of effervescent foam
That dash to and fro
In the turmoil of restless waves.
Highly remote in the eternal calm
They glittered hard and cold
Above the loud uproar of Earth, below,
Where a million specks
Returned a pale white glow.

So in darkness,
Talents lie dormant and still,
Locked in the mind's infinity
Till the switch of communion
Ignites the spark, and brilliance
Stabs the murky world without.
Yet light does not sweep away all mystery,
The departing darkness
Leaves lurking shadows behind,
Enduring, mysterious, silent,
Sheltered, until released
By spontaneous action,
Dazzling illumination.