This is the true story of the Iguana and Cat
Cat roamed around happy and fat.
Iguana lived in a warm and safe glass case,
Not content to stay put, the world he wanted to face.

Iguana explored until the piano he did find,
Being away from the warmth for so long put him in a bind.
Legs just wouldn't work as fast.
So one day steadfast he did become at last.

Cat having a watchful eye,
The Iguana he did spy.
As the inspection began,
Cat noticed no movement, so he began to plan.

The tail would be a good place to start,
So the tail and the Iguana did depart.
Cat, belly full went on his merry way,
Poor Iguana went back to his glass case to stay.

Iguana tried to survive
But to no avail, he did not stay alive.
Cat, he never knew the consequences of a good meal,
All he knew was how good he did feel.