Sometimes she wishes, that you could be her.
She wishes that you could see through her eyes;
All the glorious beauty that she can see.
She wishes you had, also her ears.
Then you could know the wonders she hears.
If only you could have her hands,
You could touch and feel; your senses...expand.
She wishes sometimes, that you could have her feet.
They could take you on an interesting journey.
Take a walk in the shoes of someone like her.
To know things as she does, to see life as she sees.
Sometimes she wishes, you could see her soul.
Faith, believing, and knowing,
It takes Love to make them whole.
If you could feel what she feels,
If you could see as she sees,
If you could perceive the
Beauty and peace as she does.
You would know of the
Struggles, challenges, and pride.
If only you could be her,
For just a little while.