If she fell in love with you would you promise to be
True? Please try to understand her.
Would you remove all your doubts and with your faith
Hold out, to permit to envelop you?

Would you give your heart to her and love her true?
Would you let her show her love, so you can see how
Much you mean to her?
She doesn't think she could stand the pain if you should
Turn your back on her, 'cause she wants to love you true.
Would you give your love, if you knew how much
She adored you?

Would you let her show you the answers to all the
Mysteries, and the time you lose by shutting up your
Emotions opposed to opening up to her?
Please, let your feelings come through, 'cause she really
Loves you.

Would you take her hand and let her lead you to
"Paradiseland," with just you and her reigning in a
Place where no one else can intervene, nor take away
The gift they share of the hope of life with peace and love,
That comes from giving of herself to you.

Just to see you smile, and say, "I love you" is more
Than she dares to hope for.
She'll keep the faith and believe because she wants you
To know that what she feels is true, and it would
Cause her great pain if you should turn your heart
Away from her, then all her love would be in vain.
So, she'll just keep believing that you will say, you
Love her too.