If for just one moment,
She could forget the way things are,
Escape within her mind and soul,
And finally fly free from this hole,
Maybe she could be happy.
If for just one moment.

If for just one instant,
She could break free of these chains,
Unfold the truth of who she is,
And rip the fibers of this dam,
Maybe she could know freedom.
If for just one instant.

If for just one minute,
She could possess a shoulder to cry on,
Lean on someone who won't be untrue,
And know what it means to say "I love you,"
Maybe she could show trust,
If for just one minute.

If for just one second,
She could experience all of these things,
Forget the past and make a fresh start--
A new beginning made straight from the heart,
Maybe she'd believe in miracles.
If for just one second....