Such feeling, expressed, brings indescribable ecstasy.
Yes ecstasy, but who is to experience such bliss?
Not just one but all who share, for you see
"I love you" expressed touches all like a gentle, trembling kiss.

"I love you" spoken caresses the heart with the most exquisite touch.
Soft and gentle yet with from knowing fingers to bring rapturous delight.
"I love you" expressed through the eyes transfixed, transparent as such
Cascading with affection that slowly envelopes and baths you in their transcendent light.

"I love you" expressed through the touch of the hands, an ever so light caress at first,
Hesitant, unsure, breathtaking, then hands slip together into a deliriously happy embrace
The passionate love of romance, the legal love of a friend, warm love of family insists
Love is a pleasure to be shared, therefore express your love openly, face to face.