She's already forgiven you a thousand times in her mind,
For all those broken pieces you left for her to find.
Hurting her was easy, and throwing all her love away,
For a one moment affair that didn't even last one day.
You took her heart and soul and turned them inside out,
Then you had the nerve to brag and shout it all about.
The years that she has given you of herself, meant nothing more than a disgrace,
For you to laugh about and leave these tears upon her face.
If hurting her was that easy, then you're more a fool than she.
Because cheating on her and laughing about it makes your life a living lie.
You are the one, who's exposing yourself, for the fool you've become.
Trusting and believing in you is just impossible for her or anyone.
You'll probably hurt any lover that rest upon your mind.
You're just showing yourself and others, you're a person, selfish and unkind.
You won't have a chance to hurt her and break her heart anymore.
All those moments and memories they had just went out that door!
But if hurting her was that easy, then you're her first big mistake.
Because all the love she gave to you, you took and used to play with and forsake.
If hurting her was easy and the right thing for you to do,
Then the best thing for her is saying "good-bye, farewell, I'm bidding you adieu."