"Can Sound create Matter?
Can one layer of morning bird song be made to compound
With wing afternoon melody; then, finally,
The fewer sundown nest notes included, all for
Something substantial: paper, wall, house, knife?
Are there some unfound sounds could be thickened with
Different blendings in instrumental music, will form drinking
Glass, as human shrill can shatter one?
You get my meaning, how I wonder, what you must do to answer
My questions."

That was how the Emperor put the task on him.
He knew, he knew, he must travel to libraries so far distant from
One another they might have been minor royalty suspected of
Hardest of his duties: census of the world's sounds. Likely his
Death rattle would be last on an unfinished list.
The Emperor mentioned no money. This meant he was not to ask him or
In order to eat, he will have to gather rice well wishers throw on
Brides and grooms.
Good thing there are plenty of weddings in China.