Oh, Billy, tell her why do you choose to live so,
Why do you hop a freight car everywhere you go?
She is trying, but she simply does not understand;
Just what is it you want, is nothing planned?

Tell her please, how could you just walk away
When you have children and family who miss you each day.
Why compromises your upbringing and your talents too
For the sake of being a normal, living on campfire stew.

She wants to understand, she really does,
But these tears that are flowing are hard to see through.
You tell her you can no longer live in society,
It is obvious your way of life is far from pain free.

Oh, Billy, what do you think you are proving these days
When you forge a life in a hobo jungle maze?
You say you have to look over your back at all times
As others out there have committed serious crimes.

Why would you choose to live a life alongside a rail
In the keeping of naught but a lonesome train's wail?
Oh, Billy, she wishes there was some way you could explain it to her,
Why would anyone choose to not be all he can be.