Holocaust is a nine letter word.
Yet, it is one of the worst he ever heard.
How could humanity destroy one another,
When in Love's eyes they are all sisters and brothers?
Innocent Jews were arrested by Hitler's "Third Reich."
The fear they must have felt--he can't imagine what
It was like.
Overloaded cattle cars took them to death out east.
Once they arrived they were treated like beasts.
The prisoners were harassed by Germans who were rude,
They were stripped of their clothing and made to stand
Many were forced into labor; others would go to their death;
All not knowing when they would take their last breath.
Would they die in the ovens or face machine gun fire?
Or would they commit suicide on the fences barbed wire?
The matter of death is not important, you see;
These people were murdered; this is what troubles
Eleven million people died because of Hitler's evil hate,
Though they were innocent, they tragically met their
He will never forget them or the trials they had to face,
And work for peace and unity in all the human race.