He crept through the forest and saw something bright
When he got closer, a cave was in sight.
A fire was burning, a dark red flame
He knew this adventure was no little game.

As he crawled slowly, eyes in disbelief
He found himself shaking, especially his teeth.
He jumped to his feet and looked all around
He looked on the ceiling, he looked on the ground
He looked to his left and then to his right
It was only his shadow that caused such a fright!

As he moved along the dark tunnel wall
He heard in the distance a loud, screeching call.
He walked a few yards, not all that far
When his feet got stuck in black, gooey tar.

He began to panic when they appeared
Ghosts in white gowns, that's what he feared.
He wrestled them all. He was out of breath
He had to win, or it would be his death.

His palms were sweating. He gave a loud scream
Just then he awoke. It was all a bad dream!