In their youth they were typical siblings.
They had their fights and disagreements but they loved
Each other. This rivalry would cause their parents
The usual dissatisfaction.

When they started to school they were protective
Of each other and they didn't always agree.
Because she is his sister, they loved each other.

As they became teenagers they discovered that they
Did not need to compete to gain their parents' respect.
They so realized that it was possible for them to be
The best of friends. As a result they learned that
By working together they would gain more from their

His sister was partner and assistant to their mother.
When he would become ill, she would see that he ate his
Soup and took his medication. He surely knew that she loved
Him, as she was his sister.

When he seemed to drift away from the guided path
She would talk him back to the correct pathway.
After all he loved his sister for being his best friend.

When they became adults taking their own separate paths of
Life he loved his sister even more. It was then that
He realized his sister could be shared with the person who
Later became his brother.

They still had their differences and they loved each
Other more each day. She is his sister.