His life and his body are in constant race with time. Both his mind and
Physical being slowly succumb to the irreversible ravages of aging.

Time rushes along beside him in a race for his longevity. It is a contest
He cannot win, one with an inevitable end.

He prays for the faith, endurance and sense of honor he will need to face
The challenges of his late years of life. He asks for good health so that
He can give his grandchildren the time and attention he could not give his own

He suppresses the thoughts that a time may come when he can no longer do
For himself. The possibility that he may someday be dependent on others for
His care is slowly ebbing its way into his future years.

Let him compete in this race without becoming a hardship to others.
Save his loved ones from his burdens of striving for self sufficiency. Protect
Them from the anxiety and sometimes even anguish that can come with the time
And attention he might need.

As his body is finally defeated in this inescapable race with time, do
Not have him linger here. No unnecessary suffering for him and his loved ones
As he crosses the finish line. Please, leave him his dignity....