If he had his life to live over,
There are some changes he would make;

He would try to give much more back,
Than ever he would take;

And over the years to those he's hurt,
He would try to make amends;

For one of life's greatest treasures,
Are those they call their friends;

He'd try to be more tolerant,
And try to understand;

The problems others have to bear,
And he'd lend a helping hand;

The problems others have to bear,
And somehow lost their way,

He'd like to lend a helping hand,
And brighten up their day;

And when someone is in need,
And their days seem dark and bare,

He'd like to be there just for them,
And let them know he cares;

Oh, all these things he'd like to do,
Why can't he start today;

He doesn't need to live his life over,
To be a friend along the way.