This is his day
A day to remind him of the blessings and the hardships bestowed upon him
A day to take his life in lead and change it for the better
A day to take the misgivings of the world that he complains about so often and to change them for the
A day to relax in quiet reflection as time bleeds forward into yesterday
A day to give thanks for being loved and being unloved, indifferent to others and loving others
Be indifferent to him, and just being able to experience all kinds of love and to have feelings at all
A day to thank Love for the Mexican coastline, the lakes and rivers of North Carolina and Kentucky,
The lakes and rivers of Northern California and all the bodies of water significant to everyone
A day to wonder where old friends are and what they look like now and to mourn for the day he will no
Longer know new and present friends
A day to remember the inspiration of a young girl and her poetry
A day to drink a beer for Kevin, as he would have done for him
A day to skip a stone across the surface
A day to want to stay here and to want to go home
A day to take it easy on himself
A day to realize how hard that really is
This is his day