She never had a little girl, Love chose three boys for her.
And in this life that's all she has, or far as she can see.

Now don't misunderstand her words, she's as proud can be
Of everything about these boys, but life won't give her ease.

Somewhere so deep inside of her a yearning grows each day
To be, or see, a little girl ride off to work or play.

There's freedom there in every move, a freedom she's not known,
But lately she's acquainted with the freedom of alone.

The longing's here since Mother died, she was a friend to her
And now she's gone there is no one with whom she can talk free.

So back she goes to better days and sometimes to the past
Of ancestors she dreams about, Why didn't that life last?

An easy pace of loving them, no clock to rule the day,
Out on the windy prairie land, or lying in the shade.

Her name she calls "Lakota" for the
Indian blood in her.
It surges strong and yearns for
Home inside a small teepee.

She looks out toward the sunset, in
Hopes that she might see
A young brave riding on a horse,
He's coming home to her.

So good is this complete life, a time of fantasy
So there she goes when she needs love, or reason she should be.