There is a woods in her home town,
In her thoughts which have bound
Memories secretly stacked away, to brighten up a cloudy day.

She closes her eyes and drifts away,
To those woods so far away, there are the flowers, there are the trees
And she is running through the leaves.

The flurrying leaves with golden rays of sun,
Intermingles with nature, all becomes one
With rocks, water and gentle breeze her spirit is lightened, she prepares to leave.

As the quietness and contentment rest her soul,
She lingers a while longer to grasp and hold, the healing wonders of nature
For they are more precious to her than silver or gold.

The sun is shining through the trees,
Her eyes close slowly she takes her leave, although she knows life is supreme
It gets a little rough and then you dream.

And once more she finds herself there
When life gets too much to bear, so she pens these thoughts to share
For her woods...is a dreaming prayer.