He sits on the hillside captured by his thoughts
She wonders of what he ponders
Perchance he sees great structures spiraling into the clouds
Twisting skyward without a limit

He looks out upon the lovely pond where ducks fly high and
Trout swim within the water's depths
He breathes in the air hoping for revival; his body spent from life's battles

He pauses to glance at his reflection
What is hidden in the mirrored image?
Perhaps great strength and courage well abound or rage and fury
Silently awaiting their allotted time

She thinks great love and understanding dwell in this noble soul
For all the world to know
But will they?
Will he show the truest wonders of his mind for all to see or
Will he hide them away for eternity
She does not know
Only he can decide

For in reality time is his keeper
He lives trapped within his mind waiting
But for what?
How can she unlock this wondrous gift?
Where shall she find the key?