She thought her life could never be empty, until she let you.
She thought she would hear you call her Mommy, but now she never will.
She thought she would always hear your voice, & now it's quiet.
She thought she could hold you & tell you she loves you, but now she can't.
She thought when you cried she could wipe your tears, but now can't.
She thought she could always be there for you, but now she won't be able.
She thought her heart could never be broken, but now it is forever.
She thought she could never be sad, but now she is.
She thought she could always be happy, but now she is not.
She thought they would be together forever, but now she has memories.
She thought this wouldn't happen to her, but it did.
She thought they could be happy together, but now they can't.
She thought life was fair, but it really isn't.
She thought they would be so close, but now they are so far away.
She thought she wouldn't think of you all the time, but she does.
She thought it was a dream, but it's for real.
She thought she was alone crying, but she guesses she is not done.
She thought she would never say good-bye, but now she does.