Alas, her child, you listen to her!
For she holds a story about the sea.
What is behind its placid shore?
There's more, her child, so much, so more!
There is a dreadful thing down there.
She saw it, her child, she saw it, she swears.
Ten eyes, no more, one massive mouth.
But, her child, there's more to tell you about.
Its claws were like a fearsome bear.
With those, it took her ship to tear.
Then all the men they looked to flee,
But it was too late for them.
She seemed to have managed to stay afloat.
One wooden plank her only hope.
She believes she was on a sandy beach.
No man to help her, no aid of reach.
She was paralyzed from the waist on down.
No one to help her, no one around.
Alas, her child, you have listened to her,
About her tale about the sea.