It's okay if she can't celebrate Christmas this year the normal way.
All she needs to do is remember the true meaning of that special day.

Her tree this year will be the "Tree of Life"...
The branches of her tree will be everyone she has walked through,
Receiving growth, and overcoming fear.
Each bulb glistens for every time a friend was helped when she shared
With them her experience, strength, and hope.
And the candy canes remind her of Love's sweet words that she doesn't have
To solve her problems with alcohol and dope.
The garland is wrapped around the tree so carefully that she can
Feel Love's warmth and loving embrace.
The icicles sparkle from all the gifts Love has showered on her,
While the snowflakes are Love's gifts of love yet to fall from His
Heart to hers, as she walks in His grace.
The bright, shining star on top of her tree lights the path she walks
Through this journey of life as love holds her hand & leads the way.
All she has to do is believe; let Him take the lead; and again say,
"Thank you, Father Love, for this very special day"!!!