There is a place in his mind and in her heart, a safe place.
A place where no one goes. A place that no one knows.
A place where the going there is almost as good as the getting there.

Under a canopy of trees the rest of the world almost disappears.
The noise of the neighborhood fades and the sounds of the wood emerge.
Rustling leaves, birds, small animals scurrying away from approaching footsteps.

Out into the bright sunlight.
Smell the scent of lilac carried alone on the breeze.
See the rabbits darting through the tall grass.
Walk across the field.

Over the stone wall. Under the barbed wire. Back into the cool dimness.
White birch, maple, oak. A small brook. Peaceful, serene, full of sounds.
Water rushing over rocks, squirrels chattering in trees. Birds singing and calling to each
Crickets and grasshoppers chirping their disapproval of your arrival.

But lie back, be still. Soon, they will forget your existence.

Watch the butterflies float in and out of the sunlight peeking through the branches.
Watch the shadows dance and change the breeze stirs the awning of leaves
And caresses your face.
Smell the mustiness of leaves that have fallen unhindered for season upon season.
Lie there unnoticed, insignificant, safe in your anonymity.