When she was six and seven her
They played together gleefully

Then they were teens, twixed
And between
They shared their secrets and their dreams

Then young adults they soon became
The tie that bound them still remained

Then came the hour of marriage ties
She seen became a blushing bride

The turning point at 51 their middle
Years had just begun
Love reached down with his outstretched
Hand and took her to his heavenly land

The aching pain within her heart--
No! not her friend, they vowed they'd never part

The grief she bore, the tears she shed, until
She turned a prayerful head
To the one who knows how much they can bear
And all their burdens he will share

Still now the years of friendship that they shared
Though death has ceased the live they shared
The inner peace has memories bring
Shall last until they meet again--
Her and her precious friend