Petey, Petey, he's her sweetie
Her Stubby, stocky, roly-pole tweetie
He lies to be cuddled and rubbed and scratched
He tumbles a right over such an easy catch
He likes to be talked to in a tiny baby voice
Petey, Petey, he doesn't like alotta noise.
He likes to lick, he'll lick your ears and feet.
He likes peas and asparagus much better than meat
Sweet potatoes, cornbread, green beans he'll eat
In fact he thinks any people find is a treat.
An egg every mornin' and ice cream at night
He guards his vittles like he's gonna fight
Until Kewpie comes over and wants a bite
Then he rolls away, now that's quite a sight.
Petey, Petey, her man's just too sweet
Oh how she loves to hear his little heart beat
And yes she gets a kick outta watchin' him eat
That's because she sorta, kinda thinks he's neat.