She clearly remembers, basking in the sun lying on her back
When out came her mother to replenish the greens with the
Water which they had lacked
She watched her head down on her strong legs which she envied so
She held her hand lightly around the petals of a single rose
Which she thought would never grow
The rose was pink, a brilliant shade and stood from under the soil
It was a healthy flower, one which was given much water and sun
Of course, had been loyal
It was then that she thought to herself in her mind that she could
Be looked at as the rise and her mother, the sun, shining brightly
And smiling at the path which she had chosen
Her mother, the sun and her, the flower, you have taught her to
Walk on her own two feet
You have shed light in her eyes and have cried for her, the job
Is almost complete
But you are needed more than ever to watch and be proud of the
Job which you have done
She thanks you for loving her Oh so much her beautiful mother, the sun.