Her mirror is your eyes, behold her fractured face.
In the obscure dark reflections of your eyes, look at her.
Hear her useless pleas; that vibrate from her soul, this her life
For in his eyes she sees, that which is the genuine portrait of her.
Empty floating extinction of a living death.
Only she feels the reverberations of her screams.
These screams that never lighten her, her silent screams of agony.
As she bleeds from all the cavities Love endowed her with.
These dripping crimson holes, are they truly part of her?
Bleeding because he is too big.
Her child's mind cannot confirm to the things his hands demand.
He stretches her mind, driving it beyond sanity.
Driving her soul beyond this sphere.
As he hammers this innocent flesh.
What will be left?
Nothing, a cold an' dripping hole,
Screams still vibrating within her soul.