She is not alone within herself:

There exists a small child, afraid of the unknown.

Alongside her is the inquisitive preadolescent.

The rebellious and angry teenager has been too strong for too
Many years

She is an athlete longing to compete and become a champion.

The young, loving mother with a babe at her breast is empty
In her soul.

Creator of life from the earth has become a joy to ease the

Defender of his integrity burdens her mind.

Investigator, explorer, teacher, protector...

Lover longing to be held and loved.

The battle of life grows tiresome.

She is strong. She is weak.

No matter how she appears outwardly, she is mostly the frightened
Little girl.

There are no arms to hold her when she needs comfort.

She is lost and cannot find her home!

Yet, she is not alone.