Her heart grows stronger with love every day.
She doesn't show it a lot, she guesses that's her way.
She found someone who wants to be with her,
Even if you won't admit to responsibility.
She always dreamed of having a certain kind of man,
Someone to be with, who will try to understand.
The man of her dreams, has now come to her,
So now in her dreams, she does now believe.
Sometimes in life dreams really do come true,
The man she dreamed of for so long, is you.
Her days are brighter, the rights don't seem as long,
She knew from the day they started, it wasn't wrong.
From that day they have been thru twists and turns,
Through all the years, there is one thing she learned.
They have made it thru the worst, and they're here together,
Just goes to show you theirs is a love to last forever.
Never for one minute doubt the love she feels for you,
Because that's one thing you should never have to do.
She has never loved anyone as much as she Loves You.
Always remember her love and heart will always be true.