Life it comes so easily, but death it hits so hard.
You lived your life by inches, but death came by the yard.

All of those who knew you, they loved you from the start.
With warm and caring arms, and a big and loving heart.

The way you smiled at funny things and even when they'd fight,
Are the memories she'll cherish, they'll ne'er be out of sight.

She remembers all the tricks they played on busy Mom and Dad.
Boy, they had such funny times, and is she ever glad.

On the plane ride down to Florida, you were in the window seat.
At first the ride was scary, but turned out really neat.

The boy friends that she thought were hers, you pretended were your own,
They always fell in love with you...her chance with them was blown.

No matter that their time was short and now they're far apart,
You'll be her little sister, and she'll love you with all her heart.

Love, Scott