Her life has been hard at times, but it could have been harder.
There were times when her life had no order.

She has been through a lot, but she came out strong.
Because in those times of distress she was never alone.

She will never forget those that showed her they cared.
Those countless times when she left alone and scared.

She could have drowned in her self pity or turned to drugs and
But in the end she turned out fine, she always had a friend to call.

She will always be thankful for those that were there.
In those times of depression or despair.

Her life has not always been enough though.
She's had many good times and she's got the smile to show.

She's had parties then there was graduation, birthdays and
They have always made her feel special in their own little ways.

She's got many joyful memories that she can count on to bring a
Smile to her face.
And those happy memories she will never choose to erase.

Her life hasn't ended, it has actually just begun.
Because of her friends and family; she no longer sees clouds, all she
Sees is sun.