Her heart cries out ever thanking you father
For the precious Jewel she has called her mother!

Diamonds, Emeralds, Sapphires and such, to the
World mean so much, but the Jewel, her lord,
You've given to her is far more priceless than any of

Her heart will ever beat to the rhythm of her own and
In her arms she's found a home away from home!

Her head finds comfort resting on her shoulder,
Her kindness and mercy her deepest treasure!

Her voice is sweet, but there's strength in the tone
And her hugs reassure her she's never alone!

Her undying faith and unconditional love Love
Taught her to trust in her Love up above!

Thank you Father for this Jewel, a Jewel like
None other, one to hole and kiss and cherish
Forever, The Jewel She Has, Called Her Mother!