The aroma of the soil smells familiar, yet she's never been here before.
The comforting air fills her lungs. The bright sun almost blinds her eyes
As it welcomes her back, the dust caresses her face, and kisses her longing

The language of the birds and elephants rings in her ears, her heart
Translates all. The language is not foreign.

Where has she been all this time? Her heart and soul reaches out to the
Welcoming hand of the wind that wraps around her. It pulls her farther
Into its embrace. She absorbs with all senses.

She is baptized in the rays of the eye that penetrate deep inside.
The fire at the center of wisdom strikes awareness and shame.

A herd of bison gallop past her. It causes a huge dust cloud to rise
Above the ground. When it settles, the mahogany molded dust reaches out
With blending smiles--AH--her history!

The warm breeze whispers its forgiveness to her. She removes the artificial
Covering from her feet. The dry sand of her history receives her as it
Fills between her toes. "This is where you belong," resounds around her.

She is home. It lived inside her all this time.

She smells, she sees, she touches, she tastes her final destination, her heart is
Restituted and her mind is resurrected. Her home...AFRICA.