She gave the ultimate gift, she gave her first born son,
The years they left her questioning, this thing that she had done.
For all her dreams would end in an imaginary game,
A love that she could never see, a name she could not name.
She saw the baby and a child, she even saw a teen,
But your face was so elusive, so she never truly seen.
And she would smile at her unfinished dream, because she knew you
Were there.
And then a tear would escape her eye, because she knew not where.
And she would send best wishes, Is one she did not know,
And she let her love for you, grow and grow and grow.

The ultimate gift to her has returned,
But not the way it began.
By natural desire from both of them,
She met a handsome young man.
And thought she has two other sons
And being adopted, he has a man;
A special something for them had begun,
They converse in words of mother and son.