In her closet way deep in,
Lies all her junk that's thick or thin.
Here's a list of just a few,
When she's through with this list,
You'll think it's a zoo:

Old sneakers, posters, and Spalding tennis rackets,
Baseball cards, and winter jackets.
Sticky soda cans, and soccer shoes,
Her mother's old Elvis record which plays the blues.
Barbie dolls and rotten socks,
A picture of her with chicken pox.
Music tapes and videos,
Pencils, papers, and two stereos.
A football card that's worth a lot,
Credit cards she uses a lot.
Here is something you'll adore,
There's a piece of gum sticking all over the door.

She'll send this stuff to a faraway place,
Somewhere where it won't retrace.