You've seen her at her worst,
When her feelings began to burst.
You've seen her at her best,
When she stood higher than the rest
Somehow you always know,
How to make her glow.
Though you couldn't talk to her,
Instincts allowed you to see.
You always stay by her side,
To offer her with pride.
In return, she offers you with love,
A big hug, tight as a glove.
She does her best to keep you healthy,
Your love for her is wealthy.
But if she could only stop,
The sickness that you got.
A seizure that comes and goes,
A mystery, no one knows.
She looks deep into your eyes,
She never wants to say good-bye.
You are her best friend,
The best love could ever send.
No one could have a better pick,
Than her best friend Mic.