Roses are read and violets are blue,
She hopes she can be part of a couple like you.

It's been 20 years from the day of your vows,
Shhh...listen, mute the TV.

There's no one here, as you may see,
The house is quiet, no children around,
So do what you want, no children allowed.

It's Valentine's Day and it's easy to see,
She's far away from you, as far as can be.

This is your Anniversary and Valentine's too,
So she's making this day big, just for you.

Look in the box on your dresser, there's a 20 there,
So go out to eat, or anywhere,
Go to the movies or eat pizza, she really doesn't care.

You both are her parents and your love is so dear,
That is the reason why she is not here.

You should be together, on this, your day,
Now you know why she could not stay.

It's your 20th Anniversary on Valentine's Day,
And she loves you both is what she wanted to say.