He gave family to anyone who was in need.
This taught her generosity.

Talk alone corrected them when they did wrong.
This taught her discipline.

He gave his love freely, without expecting anything in return.
This taught her 'true' love.

He loved them in spite of their faults or mistakes.
This taught her forgiveness.

They were each treated in a special way.
She learned to be a strong individual.

He supported their decisions regardless of his worry or opinion.
This taught her to be supportive.

He struggled through all the tests life dealt him.
This taught her true strength.

Silently he stood by them to offer his guidance.
This taught one to listen.

His relationship with Love was private and personal.
She learned to respect one's privacy.

He listened to their dreams and ambitions,
This taught her to share.

He loved his family and forgive their outbursts.
This taught her tolerance and closeness.