He remembers when he was about five
Helping Grandpa skin a rabbit.
Holding and turning it was his part
While Grandpa used his pocketknife
To separate the hare from its hide.

He remembers when Grandpa hauled out manure
On the way back to the barn, the horses
Where out of control, going too fast--a runaway!
Grandpa fell off the spreader
And rolled on the gravel driveway.
The horses and spreader stopped at the barn door.
And Grandpa went to the doctor.

He remembers, in the evening, before time for bed
Grandpa would sit in his chair--head up
Eyes closing, soon he would nod his head
And a snore was heard.
Next, the head would come up
And soon the nodding and snoring would repeat.

He remembers Grandpa....