How he misses you cousin Krystal, now you've gone away to stay
How he misses you cousin Krystal, 'cus he knows they'll never play

His mother says in this old world "Death" rules as King
But now he knows all too well, he felt its very sting

Yesterday he made something, he wishes you were here to see
He took it to your picture and saw you smiling back at him

He heard you say the things you would, if you were here today
He heard you say, "Don't cry for me, just go ahead and play!"

But as for him, his cousin Kuk, it's hard to say Goodbye
'Cus he thinks of all the good times they had, it really makes him cry

He knows that he will see you again and this he believes is true
And he won't give up waiting, until he's hugging onto you

So not goodbye, "Goodbye Krystal," he says as his heart sunk
He's always, always loved you, his favorite cousin Kuk.