He misses his Dad and he will always remember all the good
Times they had together.
They always worked together, they fished, hunted and logged
Together. They always did these things together.
They were very close, and he was always teaching him new
Things to do. He was very good to him. He was gone a lot
Because he was a commercial fisherman. He fished on the
Columbia River in Washington State. He also fished in
Alaska, out of Kodiak. He was very good at what he did.
He taught him a lot about commercial fishing. He would
Take him fishing with him. He fished mostly at night,
And when he got tired or cold he would let him sleep
In his cabin since it got very cold at night. In 1951
He joined the Navy and went overseas and was stationed
In Korea for 3 years. His Dad died while he was there. He
Took it very hard because he could not get a plane home
For the funeral. The Navy sent him on R&R for two weeks
But it did not help him any. He still misses him very much
And he will always be close to his heart all the rest
Of his life. He was his best friend, he was his Dad.