He holds her when she's feeling low.
She wouldn't tell you this if it were not so.
He can make her face to glow.
He nudges her forward when she can barely stand.
He catches her when she falls.
He leads her when she's not cooperating at all.
He carries her through the pain.
Apparently he sees something in her to gain.
He wants to be a part of her life.
When others probably wouldn't feel the same.
He bears her shame without any blame.
Why, Oh Why, don't others feel the same.
He's her fortress when all around her are evil forces.
He fights the battles with her, steadfast as they go.
Her comforter when life's battles seem so long.
Her continuous source of happiness and laughter is her.
She feels so much stronger since he is with her.
He catches her tears and wipes her eyes.
When others wouldn't have ever known she cried.
Oh, she loves him so.