From now until forever, he is gone for her.
She is never to discover the courageous things
He did.
She is never to really know him.
She never really has.
He is someone so close to her, and yet so very
Far away.
She is never to realize how very dear he was to
For some cruel disease ripped him from her
How could fate do this to her??
What has she done to it?
She'll never understand its reasoning.
She is to forever wonder, just how good he was.
She will treasure the few memories she has of him,
As if they were of gold.
Of better yet, star dust--the thing dreams are
Made of.
She dreams of him at night,
But before he can speak...
She wakes to a world so dark and dreary,
She cries herself to sleep.
No one understand these dreams.
It's as if they share a secret,
Not even they can comprehend.