He just doesn't know what life is really worth,
He has forgotten all he ever knew.
Looking for the answers, he'll ask the earth,
The answers to what? He knows not what's true.
He'll travel the world, in search of his muse,
Finding the answers, he will escape the pain,
The pain which lingers inside of his soul.
Powers of the earth, he'll use.
Industrialization and acid rain,
Let's destroy. In place Love puts a grassy knoll.

Oh he does not know why he's confused,
He cannot find answers in religion,
Love, his mind must be bruised.
He will not follow the old tradition,
Find his own way, you call it what you may.
Get away from him, he is a loner.
Seeking his woman, they shall live together,
He'll be with her one day.
His only motivation, he Loves her,

His questions answered, they will live forever.